About us

What makes Taylor & Co. different?

At Taylor & Company we try to make each session compliment your needs for bodywork. From the time you arrive to the time you checkout. You will always be treated with respect and kindness..

  • FULL TIME This gives us enough time to fully consult with you before every session & after. You will never feel rushed into or out of a session. 60 minutes is 60 minutes hands on, 90 minutes is 90 minutes hands on etc.
  • STRETCHING – We believer in the power of stretching, many sessions might include assisted stretching as well as active release. We love our clients to take care of themselves when not being seen. So we also instruct on some great stretches that will help your day to day lifestyle.
  • RELAXING FEELS – Life is hard, life is stressful, but when you come to see us is when we try to release all the tension from life out of the muscles and fascia. From the moment you enter the office we want you to have a relaxed a feeling. 
  • CONVENIENT ONLINE BOOKING – You can book your appointment anywhere by booking online all intake forms are sent electronically and charts as well. You can even be easily added to a wait list if you want a specific day and time
  • VIP PROGRAM – This is my way of giving back to my clients. There are always discounts going on as well as ways to earn free massages. Click on the VIP PROGRAM tab to learn more. Start earning your free massages today!
  • PICK YOUR OWN MUSIC – Or choose from a variety of playlists and stations of ours.

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